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Mission Poem

to you, my visitor from one of so many different places.
the vision of this site is going through forming phases.
this is a place for many things creative; a hub, or even a home,
that lets me connect to things I wish to not leave alone.

tactics did run rampant for little syncerus caffer.
thus, the dj saw fit to go jockey with the coder.
there is now work slated for the African music newswire,
to promote the music of unsung artists all gone cyber.

threw out my net with .net to trawl the web fishing for music
targeting selections for a journal that works like magic.
tallying your viewership, rating statistics and ranking tunes
tagging some as classic gems to store for many moons.

tending this site remains a rewarding labor of love
thereupon I invite your feedback and ideas you think of.
tempered by the vision shared in the lines of this poem,
tell and share with all, this African hub and online home.

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